About Kat Knights: online Pilates instructor

Hi, I’m Kat.

I’m a qualified mat Pilates instructor who likes to wear a big smile and inject laughter into her tuition.

I’m your woman if you’re a Pilates beginner who wants to find joy through exercise.

As well as teaching, I write about Pilates, along with other health and wellbeing issues.

I’ve taught for Marriott hotels and written for T3 magazine.

I live in Luton, Bedfordshire in the UK and when I’m not exercising you can usually find me sipping on a glass of wine.

Kathryn Knights, Pilates instructor for beginners, wearing sportswear and standing with hands on hips
Kathryn Knights sitting in a restaurant, holding a glass of red wine with a plate of pasta on the table.

I've learnt that exercise can be fun

I wasn't always into fitness. In fact, I can safely say that as a teenager, I loathed physical activity and was more a fan of chocolate, along with the pizza and chips served up in my high school canteen.

A few things happened that changed how I felt about exercise.

When I got my first job I joined the nearby gym with a few others from work. I found that exercising in a small group with like-minded people was social, motivational and fun.

Then I switched jobs and my new work buddies all seemed to be into running. So, inspired by them, I gave that a go. Unfortunately, I suffered with stitches and spent a lot of time crying at the side of the road!

Then I discovered Pilates.

Pilates made me stronger from the core, improved my posture and helped me breathe more deeply, all of which helped me run better. The stitches disappeared too — hurrah!

Pilates helped not just my body but my mind too. The slow pace and controlled breathing helped to calm my mind and I left every class feeling amazingly happy. Like a drug, I wanted to go back for my fix every week!

I want to prove to you that exercise can be fun.

Kathryn Knights doing Pilates side plank with one hand on hip, looking sideways towards the ceiling

I can help you …

Have fun

When you join me on the mat not only will you be exercising but you’ll be having a bit of fun too. My Zoom Pilates classes are 100% interactive.

We can all see and hear each other so expect a bit of social chat before and after class. This can be anything from tales of decorating disasters to boozy blowouts. 😉

Boost your mood

You'll reduce feelings of tension, anxiety and — even depression — by stimulating your endorphins (happy hormones) every time you come to class.

And because we’ll be breathing deeply you’ll increase blood flow, calm your mind and reduce stress levels too.

Nice, huh?

Move without pain

When you join me on the mat we’ll be focusing on quality of movement, rather than number of reps.

I’ll encourage you to carefully execute each Pilates exercise to develop strength, improve joint mobility and reduce muscle tightness.

Stay committed

If maintaining good habits was easy, we’d all be nailing our health goals, right?

Coming to a class ensures you turn your good intentions into reality every week.

You can let your mind escape and enjoy my teacher-led experience.

Keep things simple

The beauty of mat Pilates is its simplicity.

All you need is a mat and a small towel to use under your head.

Put on a comfortable pair of jogging bottoms/leggings, a T-shirt, some socks and you’re ready to go.

Connect with like-minded people

Humans are social creatures and we want to be with others.

My small class sizes mean you can easily connect with a group of like-minded people and stay motivated.

My qualifications

Level 3 Diploma in Mat Pilates


Awarded by HFE

Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing


Awarded by Bedford College

Join me

So, what are you waiting for?

Join me on the mat and let’s have some Pilates-based fun!