Are private Pilates lessons worth the money?

As someone who offers private Pilates lessons you might think it’s strange for me to be writing about whether they are worth the money or not. However, whilst money is one factor it’s not the whole story.

Here are some things to think about before you reach a decision.

A private learning space

The clue is in the name, private lessons are exactly that — private.

If socialising is one of the main reasons you want to exercise then classes are a logical choice. However, in a private setting the focus is about tailor-made learning. Providing the opportunity for you to focus your attention on those parts of your body that need some extra tender loving care.

Private lessons provide a safe space to:

  • Try new approaches and techniques without being watched by others
  • Master the finer details of each exercise
  • Ask questions that you might be afraid to ask in class

Accelerated learning

It’s easy to keep on doing the things we are good at, but real progression comes with focusing on the things we find challenging. And those challenges will be different for each individual.

Private lessons give the instructor the opportunity to explore challenges faced by an individual in more depth. They are a relaxed space where instructor and student can experiment with new exercises, modifications and alternatives that are tailored to the individual. By doing so the person’s skill level can be increased in a much shorter space of time than in a class setting.

Increased feedback

Private sessions means there’s only person getting feedback and that’s YOU. This feedback will include giving you a heightened awareness of the six Pilates principles: breathing, centering, concentration, control, flow and precision. In turn, you will apply these principles more frequently in everyday life to improve the way you sit, stand and move.

Greater levels of motivation

While there is no doubt that attending a regular class is a great way to stay motivated, there is a higher level of motivation that comes with private lessons. With your instructor supporting just you for the whole session and giving you words of encouragement you will leave feeling inspired, uplifted and ready to get back to your mat.

Not breaking the bank

As already mentioned, money does play a part in the decision you make regarding private lessons and private lessons do cost more than classes.

However, there are a couple of ways to re-think this:

  1. Private lessons don’t have to be every week — private lessons are intensive learning sessions where you receive complete attention from your instructor. Rather than viewing them as a substitute for a class, view them as complementary learning sessions. One private lesson every couple of months could give you the boost you need to keep developing your Pilates skills.
  2. Double up with someone — consider having your private lesson with a friend or family member. In this way you can split the cost between the two of you. You’ll still gain the benefits of being in a much more private space with tailored tuition and this different learning space could provide you with a fun way to workout with someone who you are close to.

Final thought

Speaking as both instructor and as a Pilates fan, I believe a combination of classes and private tuition unlock the key to mastering your Pilates practice.

Classes are an affordable and sociable way to keep up your Pilates practice. However, to really accelerate your learning and master this thing we call Pilates then private lessons are a very useful tool to invest in to complement your class experience.

Get in touch if you want to discuss whether private lessons are right for you or not.

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