Would you like an online Pilates class delivered to your employees?

Our bodies aren’t designed to spend long hours sitting at a desk or standing on our feet. Staying in one position for too long creates physical imbalances in the body. An unhappy body leads to an unhappy mind.

Corporate classes make it easy for employees to get fitter and healthier.

Musculoskeletal problems and mental health issues account for over 30% of sick days in the UK

Source: ONS, Sickness absence in the UK labour market: 2016


  • Reduced sick days
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved team spirit

I will provide

  • A 45-minute beginner class that fits perfectly into your lunch hour
  • Alternative exercises and progressions for those who need them
  • My zest and humour!

You will need to provide

  • People (5 minimum and 8 maximum per group)
  • A warm and quiet room
  • A mat for each person

Kat ran an 8-week course of Pilates. We had staff from different departments from sales and purchasing to the warehouse and a real variety of ages and fitness levels. Many of us work through lunch so it was a real treat for us to take time out and do some exercises and have a giggle with people we would not normally speak to out of the busy work environment.

I think we all felt a health benefit as mostly we are all hunched over a PC all day so it gave us the opportunity to think about our posture, breathing etc.

Kat was great and was able help all of our team who had differing levels of physical ability.

We would highly recommend Kat. Her sessions are excellent as they really do allow everyone to take part and enjoy.

RACHEL F, FORM IT Solutions, Luton


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