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Get Pilates-Confident At Home In 6 Weeks

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Introduction to Mat Pilates

Tuesday 21 September 2021
for 6 weeks

Live and interactive online course via Zoom.

Only 4 places available.

If you've never done Pilates before — or if you've tried it but didn't really get the hang of it — then this online beginners' course is for you!

  • Learn the essential principles of mat Pilates in the comfort of your own home
  • Get live feedback and know you're getting the technique right with interactive online tuition via Zoom
  • Master simple mat Pilates exercises with friendly, easy-to-follow tuition
  • Feel comfortable learning alongside a small group of other beginners (max 4 students)
  • Learn Pilates matwork tips and tricks with a qualified Pilates instructor with a sense of fun (me!)
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes that Pilates newbies make

Course outline

In this 6-week live online Pilates course for beginners, you'll learn the essential principles of mat Pilates in a small, friendly and interactive online teaching environment.

Week 1: Breathing

Breathing is central to all Pilates exercises and every exercise follows a specific breathing pattern. In this first week, we'll cover how to breathe laterally which is the key method used in Pilates.

Week 2: Core-centring

All Pilates movements originate from the core. This week we'll learn how to control our core muscles including engaging our pelvic floor to enable movement to flow from the centre of the body outwards.

Week 3: Concentration

Concentration is about using sensory feedback to know where our body is positioned in space and where and how it needs to move. This week we'll develop our ability to feel the exercises, not just perform them.

Week 4: Control

Control means making sure you're using the right muscles at the right time. This week we'll focus on mastering the correct technique — essential before progressing to more advanced exercises.

Week 5: Flow

Flow describes the use of smooth, fluid movement in Pilates. This week we'll focus on making our movements slow and controlled, rather than stiff and jerky.

Week 6: Precision

Pilates is all about paying attention to detail. This week we'll learn about the importance of joint and limb alignment to ensure the right muscles are being used.

Your online Pilates course for beginners includes:

  • 6 x 1-hour sessions of expert online mat Pilates tuition via Zoom
  • Step-by-step explanations and demos of simple matwork exercises
  • Friendly feedback and guidance
  • Super small group learning environment (max 4 students)

Your plan to get started with Pilates at home

  • 1. Book your online course place
  • 2. Learn mat Pilates essentials at home
  • 3. Feel confident starting your home Pilates routine

What makes this course special?

With this beginners' online Pilates course, you'll get live and interactive teaching from a qualified mat Pilates instructor (me!) throughout the 6 weeks to make sure you get the technique right.

  • Get instant friendly feedback and guidance on your technique
  • At the end of this course you'll feel confident and motivated to continue your Pilates practice
  • Feel comfortable asking questions so you understand the exercises properly
  • Leave with the knowledge and skills to feel comfortable joining one of my beginners' Zoom Pilates classes or starting your own at-home routine.


As a complete newbie, I enrolled on Kat's Pilates for Beginners Course via Zoom. I was a little dubious as to how I would cope with the classes online but Kat's excellent quality of instruction and explanation made it work very well for me. I was so pleased with the progress I made. I am now hooked.
S Smith, student

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Introduction to Pilates: online course for beginners

6-week live online mat Pilates course for beginners via Zoom.

Only 4 places available.

Early bird offer(when you book by Sunday 29 August 2021)


Full price: £81 per person

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