How Pilates Fights The Signs Of Ageing [Video]

Pilates isn’t going to stop your wrinkles or your hair from going grey. But it can help against another sign of ageing and that’s how well you move.

Here are some of the ways Pilates can help you appear more youthful:

  • Builds strength and flexibility: it will improve your strength and flexibility so you can glide across the dance floor and scoop up your partner with ease … or just glide across the kitchen floor and open that bottle of Prosecco more easily!
  • Improves posture and balance: it will improve your posture and balance skills so that you walk tall and with confidence, avoiding trips, slips and falls which are common in older adults.
  • Helps you smile and radiate happiness: when you exercise you release endorphins in your body. These are your happy hormones. When we feel happy we smile. When we smile we feel and look more youthful.
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