Five Tips To Help You Get The Best From Your Pilates Class

If your Pilates habit has gone stale or you’re looking for ways to reignite your relationship with it, it might be time to get back to basics.

Here are my five tips for keeping your Pilates enthusiasm as fresh as the day you first started.

1. Find your WHY

Think about why you started Pilates in the first place. Was it to keep mobile, manage back pain or boost your mood? Write down your ‘why’ and keep it somewhere safe. When you have those weeks when you’re finding it a struggle to roll out your mat read your ‘why’ and use it to motivate you and connect with the reason you started Pilates in the first place.

Tip: when you write your ‘why’ include the problem and the solution eg I took up Pilates because my back often felt sore (the problem). When I go to class my back feels better and my mind feels calmer too (the solution).

2. Slow down

Life is busy. Many of us spend our lives rushing from one task to the next. You’ll often hear me in class asking everyone to slow down their breathing and to slow down the pace of their exercises. I can’t stress enough the importance of not viewing your class as just another item on your to-do list, but as an opportunity to really be in the moment and invest in YOU. Moving slowly will make your muscles work harder so you’ll leave each class knowing you’ve given your absolute best.

3. Take care

Take care and time to execute every exercise with precision. If a progression is offered only perform it if your body feels good in that moment. Always takes things down a level if you feel fatigued or if your technique is being compromised. Your energy levels will vary week by week so really tune into what feels right for you in each class.

4. Breathe

Don’t overlook the importance of mastering your breathing technique. Breathing is integral to every Pilates exercise. You should inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, bringing your belly button to your spine and contracting your pelvic floor muscles as you do so. When you breathe deeply and slowly you will calm your mind down so that you can perform your Pilates exercises more accurately and with greater confidence.

5. Buy some new clothing or equipment

If your leggings have gone saggy or your mat is starting to look a bit tired then treat yourself to something new. It could be just the thing you need to maintain your confidence and reignite your passion for rolling out your mat. And let’s face it, you’re worth it!

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