Zoom Pilates Classes

Live and 100% interactive online Pilates classes.

Try A Taster Class - £12
£39 / monthly membership*

What are Zoom Pilates classes?

Zoom Pilates classes are a type of live and 100% interactive online Pilates class.

To join your class, you'll use the free Zoom app (a video calling app, a bit like FaceTime).

Zoom creates a 2-way live stream — which means we can both see each other.

Benefits of Zoom classes

Kat Knights propped up on elbows on Pilates mat

The big benefit of live Zoom classes is accountability. It's a bit like having a personal trainer — if you don't show up, I'll notice 😉.

You'll also get coaching so you feel confident you're doing it right (my classes are small enough for me to give individual corrections).

Last but not least, you'll feel part of a friendly community of people all doing Pilates at home.

How it works

My Zoom Pilates classes run as a membership so you get the motivation you need to stick to Pilates at home.

  1. Choose your Zoom class from the timetable below.
  2. Try a taster class to see if you like it.
  3. Join my Zoom class membership and enjoy one live and 100% interactive online Pilates class per week.*
  4. Get the motivation you need to create a consistent home Pilates habit!

Zoom Class Timetable

All classes are beginner friendly.
Times are UK.

10:00–10:55 Seniors (over 50s) Pilates Zoom Class Spaces
18:30–19:25 Pilates Zoom Class Waiting list
08:30–09:25 Pilates Zoom Class Spaces
£39 / monthly membership*

The small number in the group totally dispels any sense of 'ability embarrassment' which may be lurking and Kat's cheery, helpful, professional and natural approach to get the best from us certainly works.

Mark Rundle, student

How does a Pilates class on Zoom work?

  1. Download the free Zoom app
  2. Position your device and mat so we can see each other
  3. Join your class using the link you get when you book

Want to know more?

Watch my video to get the lowdown on what to expect from an online Pilates class and how to get set up.

Live & interactive

Get instant feedback and adaptations, and enjoy a different workout each week.

Small, friendly classes

Feel part of a group, stay motivated and get the attention you need.

Slow & mindful movement

Calm your mind while building strength & flexibility.

£39 / monthly membership*

Make a Date With Your New Front Room Fitness Habit

Live Zoom Pilates mat classes for beginners: get fit, have fun and feel fabulous — all without leaving the house!
£39 / monthly membership*

*Your membership includes 1 x 55-minute Zoom class per week, 48 weeks per year.

You can cancel easily by email by giving 30 days' notice.